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How To Get Your Entry Noticed!

An award-winning entry takes time and planning. Here are our Top 10 Tips for getting your entry to stand out from the rest...

  1. Choose your category
    Visit our categories page, read the descriptions and download the relevant Preparation of Submissions – Guidelines for Entrants document and entry form

  2. Speak to your colleagues and customers to get their input on your chosen case study. Make sure to ask for their permission to reference them in your entry.

  3. Give yourself time
    Try to draft your entry in good time, ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to review and make changes. 

  4. Ensure your entry follows the guidelines:
    a. Categories: introduction 300 words; detail of project or service 600 words; conclusion 100 words.

    b. Young Freight Forwarder: YFF article 750 words; Manager’s reference 250 words.

    c. Apprentice Of The Year: Manager’s nomination 750 words; Apprentice’s impressions & ambitions 500 words.

  5. Use the wordcount to your advantage!
    Don't skimp on detail - Outline the issue, explain your approach and solution, describe the outcome and results

  6. Don't rush to submit
    Once you have created your initial draft, review it a couple of days later. Refine your wording and make sure that the sentences make sense. 

  7. Enlist the help of your colleagues.
    A fresh pair of eyes can make a world of difference. Ask a number of different people to read it to make sure that someone unfamiliar with the project can understand the case study. Use their feedback to make final tweaks.

  8. Submit before Thursday 6th October 2022
    We don't recommend that entries are left until the last minute, but once you are 100% happy with your case study, don't forget to submit it before the deadline which is 11AM - THURSDAY 6TH OCTOBER. Good Luck!

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